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    - Quality assurance provisions:
    1, the quality and quantity of the product sold its insurance company .
    2, when the product packaging is seriously damaged , the customer is entitled to reject the goods .
    3 , after the customer received the goods , if found to have quality problems , including emerging issues in the transport process , replacement ( except for damage caused by man-made customer ) within five days .
    4, the company sold merchandise belonging Genius , customers rely on the warranty card nearest repair ; does not Genius , when customers rely on the company's receipt of my return to my office maintenance stickers outside ( when warranty repairs of-pocket expenses incurred by the customer ) .
    - Replacement return policy :
    1 , the customer within three days after receipt of goods , if there is quality problem can not be used , can be replaced free of charge. ( Except for damage caused by man-made )
    2, I purchased the goods, if there is quality problem can not be used in the quality of the warranty period, please contact us, I will be responsible for maintenance of the product . ( Except for intentional man-made damage)
    3, more than the warranty period of the product , I will help solve quality problems, thereby increasing the costs borne by the customer.
    - Returns objects should have the condition :
    1, the complete return of goods . There should be no lack of , is not complete unless the goods originally ;
    2, all packaged goods , and accessories should be complete ;
    3 , please indicate the reason for the return , and your customer 's requirements in other postscript . If customers found to have quality problems, we in the attitude of friendly consultations to help you solve ; If there are any problems the two sides can not be resolved through consultation , you can pay with consumer associations or relevant authorities